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Mortgage Payment Holidays | Mortgage Advice in Durham

Mortgage Payment Holiday

At the start of the Covid pandemic, the Government promised that all borrowers would be allowed a three-month mortgage payment holiday if they needed it. Most lenders followed the Government’s guidelines and did their best to help their borrowers during these hard few months.

We feel that it is best to create a summary of what mortgage payment holidays are, what lenders are doing and who can provide you with help and guidance through the coming months.

On that note, we feel like this is a good time to talk about what mortgage holiday payments are and how they can help you with your mortgage payments.

What is a Mortgage Payment Holiday?

They are quite simple. A mortgage payment holiday is a set-period, agreed upon between you and your lender, bank or building society, where your mortgage payments are deferred. In this situation, the set period should be around three months.

You will still have to pay back these payments. Over the period, you will receive interest which will be added onto your loan at the end of the payment holiday whilst your capital balance will not decrease. So, your overall mortgage loan will slightly increase. So you save money in the short term but in the long term, it may prove expensive.

Once you feel like you are ready to start paying back your monthly mortgage payments, either your monthly mortgage payments will be recalculated at a higher level or your mortgage term could be increased. Lenders prefer to not increase your mortgage term as it could put you past their standard retirement ages.

You may even be allowed to pay off a lump sum later on in the year to get your monthly mortgage payments back on track to how they were prior to your payment holiday.

Mortgage payment holidays are available for borrowers with both residential or Buy to Let Mortgages in Durham. This really helps out landlords as they now have help if rental payments are affected.

The Government’s Proposal

Here is the Government’s proposal following the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Mortgage lenders will offer an automatic three-month mortgage payments holiday for borrowers who have been impacted directly or indirectly by COVID-19
  • The mortgage payment holiday will apply to customers who are up to date on their payments, not in arrears, and wanting to self-certify that they are impacted by COVID-19
  • This means that lenders will not complete an income and expenditure assessment, or an assessment of alternate payment options as ordinarily required under MCOB
  • This proposal will allow lenders to be more responsive to customer needs and offer forbearance in a simple way to customers in an environment where the operation of collections teams made be also impacted by COVID-19
  • Customers will be made aware that interest will accrue in the holiday period and they will need to make up deferred payments in the future
  • Customers who wish to undertake a full assessment of their ability to pay or financial difficulty may still do so.

How do I apply for a Mortgage Payment Holiday

Even if you had a mortgage payment holiday before, we always recommend speaking to your Mortgage Advisor in Durham. They will sort out everything out for you and work out whether you actually need to take a mortgage payment holiday. You can also go directly to your mortgage lender and enquire about taking one but this may not benefit you as you may not even need one. The main thing is not to panic and explore all of your options before rushing into anything.

Here are the steps you need to take if you won’t meet/aren’t meeting your monthly mortgage payments and have been directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • The customer would contact the lender and inform them that they are being impacted
    by COVID-19
  • The lender would accept these details from the customer and offer an automatic
    three-month mortgage payment holiday
  • No evidence is needed for the lender
  • The lender makes the customer aware that interest will accrue and will be contacted at the end of the three months to complete an assessment of the customer’s circumstances
  • At the end of three months, an arrangement to pay will be agreed with the customer according to their circumstances to recover any shortfall, also ensuring that the mortgage remains affordable and sustainable
  • The lender notifies the customer that if they wished to complete a full assessment now, there may be other forbearance options more suitable to the customer.

For more useful information on how the coronavirus could affect your mortgage click here.

Will a Mortgage Payment Holiday impact my Credit Score?

In most cases yes, they can give a negative effect to your credit score. However, you are taking one because of a virus so lenders shouldn’t let it damage your score.

To ensure that this is the case, before taking out a mortgage payment holiday, you must contact them. You need to record their answer as well as the date, time and the name of the person that you spoke with. This will avoid any confusion down the line if anything changes. It all depends on your lender, there is no guarantee that every lender will say the same thing.

Will I still be able to Remortgage or take a Product Transfer with my lender?

You would’ve thought that everything would continue as normal, however, all lenders are now avoiding all remortgages and product transfers during a mortgage payment holiday.

This will affect borrowers approaching the end of their existing product as they may be forced to move on to a higher lenders variable rate. This could mean that borrowers who act too early and jump into a mortgage payment holiday deal straight away could end up accruing interest on a costly variable rate.

This is another reason why we say don’t rush into anything! Take it slow and evaluate your options with an expert Mortgage Advisor in Durham first, they will make sure that you actually need to take out a payment holiday first before diving in headfirst. There are lots of mortgage options out there so have a look first with your mortgage Broker in Durham.

What are my other options?

Some lenders could offer you a temporary switch over to interest-only in order to reduce your monthly payments but not to add any more to the loan amount by still servicing the interest payments each month.

You don’t need to put all of your mortgages onto interest-only, but doing so could help you out financially.

If you have savings, remortgaging onto an offset basis could really help you out, you will be cutting down on monthly payments massively. For example, if you have a £250,000 loan and £50,000 in your savings, you would only pay interest on £200,000.

This may all may seem a bit stressful and it this may have come around faster than expected, however, you should try to take it slow and calm down. As your Mortgage Broker in Durham, we are still here to help and relieve you of all of that stress. Remember, we are still open as usual operating from 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week. Receive a free mortgage consultation with a Mortgage Advisor in Durham today, we hope that we can help you out!

Mortgage Advice in Durham

How to Improve your Credit Score in Durham

Mortgage Advice in Durham

Ways to improve your credit score | moneymanTV

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a tool that lenders use to measure an applicants ability to afford a mortgage. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you’ll be accepted for a mortgage. Which means that if you have a lower score, your chances of being accepted decrease.

Even though having a good credit score may look good on the outside, you must know that each lender has their own individual lending criteria and it’s more than likely that you won’t meet all of them. So sometimes it’s also down to your circumstances and not just your score.

Matching lender’s criteria

Most lenders’ criteria are completely different from one another, lenders have almost developed their own niche market. You could end up matching to a handful of them or maybe only a couple. As long as you end up securing a great mortgage deal that is all that matter though and it’s your advisor’s job to help you do that.

Whether you go with your bank’s in-house advisor or a Mortgage Broker in Durham, your personal and financial situation will be evaluated and then compared with lenders’ and their mortgage products.

We would always recommend approaching a Mortgage Broker in Durham before going straight to your bank’s in-house advisor and this is because your bank can only offer you their own products. If you choose a broker like us, we are able to access thousands of different mortgage deals through our large panel of lender’s. Once we have your details, we will try our hardest to match you to a lenders’ criteria.

If you are struggling to match a lenders’ criteria, it could be down to numerous different things. The most common reason why people don’t meet lenders’ criteria and get declined for a mortgage is because of their low credit score. If this is the case, then you need to try and improve it.

Improving your credit score

Avoid unnecessary credit searches

Having unnecessary credit searches on your file could have a negative effect on your credit score. Lenders’ don’t like seeing that you are repeatedly checking your score, they may think that there is a reason for it and they could even start asking you questions about it during your application process. Even using price comparison websites could damage your score.

On a side note, if you are applying for a mortgage, we strongly recommend that you avoid applying for any form of extra credit in the meantime. Paying back owed credit before your application will look good on your application, however, borrowing/paying back credit during your application will have a reverse effect. If you borrow credit, some lenders’ could think that you cannot afford the deposit and are relying on the credit to help you.

Credit Check Durham

Are you registered on the Voter’s Roll?

A great way to improve your credit score is to register onto the Electoral Roll, it indicates stability and lenders really like that. It’s really easy to get yourself registered and the fact that it can increase your credit score, you’re missing out if you don’t take the opportunity.

If you are already registered, you should check that all of your information is correct as lenders will easily spot misspellings and an incorrect address.

Don’t run too close to your maximum limit

Maxing out your card each month will negatively impact your credit score. If you are using a credit card, a lender would much rather that you pay off the balance in full each month as it shows that you are good at managing your money. If you are exceeding your credit limits or overdrafts, your lender won’t think that you take your finances seriously. This could massively impact your credit score, especially if you get declined by a lender due to this reason.

Check that your address is up to date

When people move home, especially from their parent’s house, people often forget to update all of their address’. When you forget to update your address with a previous credit provider, it can appear that you live in two different properties at the same time. This can hurt your credit score once lenders see this so make sure that you are keeping on top of what address’ are linked with each of your accounts.

Close down your unused credit accounts

Do you have any store/credit cards that are no longer in use? If you do, then you should contact the provider and get them to fully close your account(s). Having these accounts open could be doing your credit score more harm than good. However, this could also still have a negative effect on your credit score as the credit reference can’t really tell if it’s you closing the account or the provider. Don’t worry though, it’s a good thing to check up on as if you have lost a card and didn’t realise then fall victim for fraud, you could end up having a worse effect on your score.

Remove your financial link to others

If you are financially linked to a family member or ex-partner your credit score could be affected without you even knowing. However, if the account is still live, you cannot remove your link just yet. If you want to remove any of these links, then you should get in touch with the credit reference agencies and make a request.


More often than not, applicants see credit scoring as an unfair way of determining the success of a mortgage application. For example, you may have a low score due to personal circumstances, which applicants think is unfair. As a Mortgage Broker in Durham, we mostly see that it’s people that are Moving Home or Self Employed struggle with their credit score. However, if this isn’t your mortgage situation and you still need help with improving your credit score, you know to get in touch with.

Sending an up-to-date credit report to your expert Mortgage Broker in Durham could prove extremely beneficial to your mortgage journey. A great tool that we always recommend to our customers is checkymyfile.com.

Check my file | Mortgage Advice in Durham

The more your advisor knows about your finances the better. Also, there are still some lenders that prefer to operate the old-fashioned way and will manually assess your application. They will still have rules that they stick by about the number of defaults and CCJ’s that they will allow.

A Mortgage Broker in Durham, like us, likes to do things the new way and will always aim to deliver you the same Fast and Friendly Mortgage Advice service that you are all used to. We hope to hear from you soon.

Can I Have 2 Mortgages? | Mortgage Advice in Durham

Second Mortgage Advice in Durham

Most people don’t want to think about having a second mortgage, one already stresses them out enough! Having more than one mortgage can prove quite costly it certain cases. Surprisingly, with that said, they are a lot more people that have more two or more mortgages than you would’ve thought. Here are some reasons why people may want to invest in more than one mortgage:

Common reasons for wanting 2 mortgages:

  1. Do you want a second mortgage to raise money for your existing home?
  2. Are you looking to rent out your existing home and purchase a new one?
  3. Are you looking to help your children out with a second mortgage?
  4. Do you require a second mortgage to purchase a Buy to Let property?
  5. Is your name on an existing mortgage and you are looking to buy a new property?

Second Mortgage to raise money

Sometimes, people who have built up equity in their home may start looking for a second mortgage and this is because they want to release some of their equity to fund another purchase or something else.

If this is the same situation that you are in and you are thinking about releasing equity for a second mortgage, then you are going to need another mortgage deal to transfer onto. You can either search round for your own deal or go to a Mortgage Broker in Durham and they will sort it for you.

As a trusted Mortgage Broker in Durham, we have over 38 different lenders on panel, each with unique mortgage deals. We can shop around for you, searching through thousands of different deals until we match the perfect one for you and your personal and financial circumstances. Remember that lenders do not reward loyalty and will probably be offering better deals to First Time Buyers in Durham over you!

Second Mortgage to rent out existing home to purchase a new one

This is called a Let to Buy mortgage. Sometimes people want to keep their existing property and the mortgage so when the move home, they keep it with the aim to rent it out. When you are Moving Home and you decide to go down the Let to Buy route, your second mortgage will become your new residential one.

Second Mortgage to purchase a home for your children

More and more First Time Buyers are struggling to take that first step onto the property ladder without a helping hand. We are commonly seeing more and more Parents and Grandparents helping out. The most common situations that we see is that either the Parents or Grandparents of the applicant give up their home and move out to get a second mortgage or they actually purchase the second home for them (kind of like a gifted deposit).

Second Mortgage for a Buy to Let

Are you interested in a second mortgage for a Buy to Let in Durham? If so, you should speak to a Buy to Let Mortgage Advisor in Durham at Durhammoneyman. We have helped hundreds of Buy to Let landlords secure amazing mortgage deals in the past and we want you to be next.

Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling for you and your Buy to Let second mortgage in Durham.

Named on an existing mortgage and want to buy a new home?

Are you currently named on another mortgage and would like to buy a new property to live in? This situation always comes about, and unfortunately, it is almost always down to a divorce or separation. In situations like this, 9 times out of 10 we are able to help. Having a Specialist Mortgage Advisor in Durham by your side during this hard time could really help you out.

Here at Durhammoneyman, we are able to search through thousands of second mortgage deals for you. A Mortgage Advisor in Durham will work endlessly until they have that 1/1000 perfect deal for you. Receive a free mortgage consultation today at Durhammoneyman, your expert Mortgage Broker in Durham.

Mortgage Advice in Durham

Remortgage Advisor & Remortgage Advice in Durham

Remortgage Advice in Durham

If your current mortgage deal is coming towards its end then it’s definitely time to start looking at remortgaging.

People who don’t realise that their mortgage deal is coming to an end often end up rolling immediately onto their lender’s standard variable rate which is most likely to be significantly higher than your current rate. This is why you should be keeping up to date with your mortgage and making sure that you know when to start looking for a remortgage deal.

A great way to check o your mortgage would be to speak with a Remortgage Advisor in Durham, like us. Durhammoneyman will assess your financial and personal situation and search through 1000’s of remortgage deals for you until we find the perfect one! Remember, you can still take out another loan to help you pay for your new remortgage deal and it’s payments, it will just be added on top of your monthly payments. Make sure you can afford these extra monthly payments though.

Why Should I Shop Around for a Remortgage?

Lenders love it when borrowers stick with them rather than them shopping about for better deals. Shopping around first, rather than staying with your current lender, could open you up to deals that are way better than your current one, so don’t just leave it because it’s “easier”. Also, lenders don’t reward you for loyalty, they will be offering better rates to new customers over you, so have a look around as there are mountains of remortgage deals out there.

You will find that some people don’t want the hassle of searching through lots of different remortgage deals so they just do it themselves online and switch over there and then. This is called an execution-only mortgage, the downside is that you get no consumer protection, whereas you would’ve had you had taken Remortgage Advice in Durham. We have also seen that people who do everything online can easily go wrong and end up on a much higher rate than what they could’ve got, lenders love this, as harsh as it sounds.

There are lots of different types of mortgages out there, some more popular than others. We have made some “Mortgages Explained” YouTube videos on moneymanTV to help you understand them easier, we hope that they help.

Remortgage Advice in Durham for Home Improvements

If you feel like your home is owed some upgrades, remortgaging for home improvements could be the way to go. You may want to increase the value of your home or could just simply want to give it a makeover with a loft conversion or an extension. You can increase your mortgage to pay for cosmetic alterations as well as structural work.

If you need to borrow quite a bit of money, your lender has every right to ask you for estimates for the works you intend to have carried out. You don’t necessarily have to use the contractor that provided the estimate to do the actual works.

Capital Raising Remortgage Advice in Durham

You can raise capital on your property when you remortgage for pretty much any legal reason. This can be for large consumer purchases, gifts to help family members, to purchase a Buy to Let property in Durham or for debt consolidation.

You will need to know that you will still be paying interest on a remortgage for a long time after you take one out. With this in mind, make sure that you are borrowing for the right reasons and that you will be able to keep on top of these monthly payments throughout the whole mortgage term.

Debt Consolidation Remortgage Advice in Durham

Adding unsecured debt to your mortgage could mean that you’ll have to pay back more interest overall. This is down to the length of a mortgage term usually being longer than the length of a personal loan (this is not the case every time).

Taking unsecured debt on your home will not sit easily with everybody. For example, lenders may look at it that your property is under the risk of possession if you can’t afford your payments in the future.

You will need to know that if you own 0% credit cards, the interest rates that apply to the debts that you are considering transferring onto your mortgage will start gaining interest too.

Remortgage Options in Durham

You will find that remortgaging can become complicated very quickly if you don’t know what you are doing. There are so many different options available to you and it’s hard to see which one will benefit you the most. This is why approaching a Mortgage Advisor in Durham could benefit you the most.

Here at Durhammoneyman, an advisor will work with you and recommend you the best remortgage path to take. They might even suggest that you don’t take a debt consolidation remortgage at all even if you think you should get one. Remember, they will always work with your best interests at heart.

Often, consolidating debts into your mortgage will decrease your monthly outgoings. Some borrowers end up saving hundreds of pounds because of this.

Find out if remortgaging is the best option for you and speak to a Remortgage Advisor in Durham today, we can’t wait to help answer all of your mortgage questions!

Remortgage Advice in Durham

How Much Deposit Do I Need For A Mortgage In Durham?

How Much do I Need for a Deposit?

We have been in the mortgage business for a very long time now. We also know how hard it can be to get a mortgage. It used to be easy, prior to the credit crunch, lenders were handing out mortgages here and there. After the credit crunch, lenders became stricter and were only offering 100% and even 125% mortgages. After it was practically impossible to get a mortgage in 2007, the market eased out and returned to a relaxed state. Lenders turned back to 95% mortgages.

If you have a family or are living in rented accommodation, it can be quite hard trying to find the perfect first home that is affordable. We always get asked lots of questions regarding deposits and how much you will need. We frequently get asked these questions from First-Time Buyers in Durham:

Is Putting Down More Than a 5% Deposit Better?

Yes, putting down a deposit of more than 5% can massively increase your chances of getting accepted for a mortgage. Laying down a greater deposit could also lower the rate of interest that your lender offers you. By doing this, you are proving to the lender that you are financially stable. You are making yourself appear as trustworthy and they will know that you are not a risk. Lenders offer their products in brands of 5%, e.g, 95% mortgages are the most costly, followed on by 90%, 85%, etc.

Can I Take out a Personal Loan for the Deposit

Yes, you can, although, we don’t recommend it as lender tend to not like it. They see it as you can’t fully afford the 5% deposit and you need help to reach it. They will also take this new loan as one of your recurring monthly credit commitments. Therefore, you will get a smaller mortgage than you would’ve without the personal loan but you are basically borrowing two lots of money equating to the full 100% of the mortgage. This is why they can be put off by this.

Do Lenders Accept Gifted Deposits for a Mortgage

Most lenders do yes. It is very unlikely that you will find a lender that will not accept a gifted deposit. As long as the gifted deposit is not a loan, then the lender should accept it. The family or friend who is gifting you the deposit must provide ID and information on where the funds have come from.

First-Time Buyers in Durham usually get on the property ladder this way, they receive a gifted deposit from a parent or a friend. They usually understand how hard it can be to meet that 5% so they help them get on the property ladder.

Evidencing the Deposit

You will always need to prove to lenders where you have received money from and prove your monthly/yearly income and outgoings. Lenders need to make sure that you will be able to pay off your mortgage after putting down your deposit. The longer that you have been saving for a deposit, the more that it will benefit your application. Saving money shows the lender that you are good at managing your money.

If you have deposited a large amount of cash into your account recently, you will need to prove to the lender how you got this. For example, if you are selling a car, you will need to show them a receipt, prove how much you sold it for and show that this price matches your deposit into your bank.

You have to be careful when you are depositing large sums of cash at once as it could look suspicious on the lenders part. So make sure that you can prove where you have got it from. The longer that these sums have been in your account, the easier the whole process is.

The hardest part of the application can be proving the source of your deposits as sometimes they can be hard to get a hold of.

If you are selling a property, then your Estate Agent will give you a Memorandum of Sale to use as proof.

Help to Buy Equity Loan and Newly Built Home Mortgages

There is still a minimum 5% deposit if you qualify for the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme. On this scheme, your deposit can be topped up to 25% which all depends on the loan you get through. This will give you a lower rate mortgage.

Remember that the loan that you borrow from the government will need to be paid off within 5 years. It’s not a gift of them, so if you fail to meet the 5-year deadline, then you will start to receive interest on the loan payments.

If you already know about the Help to Buy Equity Loan, this should make sense.

Should I Transfer to a Buy to Let Limited Company in Durham?

Should I transfer my existing Buy to Let portfolio to a limited company?

In the event that you have a current portfolio, it is conceivable to exchange ownership from your own names to a limited company if that suits your necessities and conditions.

If you choose to exchange your property portfolio with a limited company, you will trigger a deal and repurchase. Doing as such will bring about capital gains tax, stamp duty and the legal, Mortgage and valuation charges.

It is likewise imperative to take note that limited companies do have running expenses and lawful necessities, for example, documenting accounts. In any case, you will pick up the upside of tax-deductible costs, for example, Mortgage broker fees and lender arrangement fees.

This is a very specific territory and if you are thinking about making this move, it’s important that you seek specialist Buy to Let Mortgage Advisor in Durham, who will be ready to help you with the arrangement of top quality mortgage advice, backed up by introductions to appropriately experienced accountants and lawyers if needed.

Buy to Let Mortgage Advice in Durham

How to Get a Mortgage Agreement in Principle?

What is an Agreement in Principle?

What is a mortgage agreement in principle?

A Mortgage Agreement in Principle (AIP) is essentially a document to prove you have a mortgage in place. To the Estate Agent, it proves you are creditworthy as you have passed the lenders credit score. However, it is not a guarantee that you will definitely get a mortgage as a full application will require further background checks.

The value of a mortgage agreement in principle

How having your mortgage agreed at the outset can help you negotiate on an asking price.  A Mortgage Agreement in Principle is essentially a document to prove you have a mortgage in place. It is something we obtain for all of our clients and almost all Lenders offer them.

A Mortgage Agreement in Principle is not a guarantee that you will definitely get a mortgage as your full application will require further background checks (such as evidence of income) and a satisfactory valuation of the property itself.

However, it is a good idea to get one done at the earliest opportunity for the following reasons:

  1. Negotiating Power
  2. Avoiding Disappointment
  3. Knowing Your Limits

Negotiating power with a mortgage agreement in principle

When you are ready to make an offer on a new home most Estate Agents will undertake due diligence and ask you to produce evidence that you have funds available to complete the purchase. This will take the form of bank statements and also an Agreement in Principle certificate that we can provide for you. Once you have provided them with all this documentation the Estate Agent will then normally stop marketing the property and put a “Sold” or “Sale Agreed” board up.

If you already have a Mortgage agreed before you make an offer you are making yourself appear as an attractive proposition as this proves you are not making an offer on a “whim”, you’ve thought about how you’re going to fund the purchase and do something about it. This might persuade a seller to accept an offer you put forward on their property underneath the asking price.

Avoid disappointment with a mortgage agreement in principle

When it comes to buying a house some clients have always “put the cart before the horse”.  They go full steam ahead and make an offer on a property without first checking that they can actually proceed.  This can lead to terrible disappointment if the mortgage application fails. By that time they have really got their heart set on their new family home. This disappointment can be avoided by contacting us at an early stage.  Sometimes there are things that are causing a mortgage to decline that can be overcome given a little time.

For example, there may be a niggling issue on your credit report, perhaps a disputed mobile phone bill that can be easily rectified. Maybe you thought you were on the Voter’s roll and you’re not – once again that can be sorted out given a few weeks.

Or maybe you can’t get a mortgage at all! But if that’s the case it’s better than you know now rather than mess people about and we’ll be able to tell you what you need to do to improve your credit-worthiness for the future.

Knowing your limits with a mortgage agreement in principle

Ok, so you know you’ve got a good credit rating because you’ve never been turned down for credit, you’re registered on the Voter’s role and you’ve always made your credit card payments on time – so what can go wrong?!

Well, you could approach 10 different Lenders these days and get 10 different maximum mortgage amounts! They all calculate affordability in their own unique ways. If you’re self-employed it really is a minefield: some Lenders take your net profit, others your salary and divided. Some use your latest year, others an average over 3 years.

Still, think it’s simple?!

Knowing your borrowing limits is important as then you know for sure what your price range is. We’ll be able to advise you of the maximum mortgage available to you.   Also, more importantly, together we’ll work out how much you can afford to pay back each month.

If you would like to have a chat, give us a call as we are more than happy to help!

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